Hotcoin is set to launch WDOMI futures trading on March 13 at 14:13

2024-03-11 By Avery 0

According to an official announcement from Hotcoin, WDOMI/USDT (futures) trading will be available starting at 14:13 on March 13, 2024 (GMT+8). The exchange will initiate a 1:1 conversion based on the WDOMI mainnet launch progress. Specific details regarding the conversion time and method will be communicated through official Hotcoin announcements.

WDOMI is constructing the fastest TPS blockchain in SocialFi, aiming to establish the fastest fully decentralized Layer 1 solution to date. It is a highly efficient public blockchain that will collaborate with other entities to build an ecosystem, including global peer-to-peer payments, DeFi, NFTs, DApps, and other applications.